Gallery opens for new season!

I`ve been taking advantage of the extra time when the gallery is closed to concentrate on painting over the winter. There is a new series of work developing based on aerial views of the landscape, plus some snow-inspired work. The snow was so inspirational, I did lots of walking and sketching in the transformed landscape and worked for a couple of months on ideas in the studio. In the end I decided it was more the “sound” of the snow which I was interested in painting, and the feeling of  impermanence that is so powerful in our experience of snow in this part of the world.

This past week I have been hanging new work ready for the gallery opening today, and preparing pieces for a group show I am doing at the Ceri Richards Gallery in Swansea in May.

I`ve also been unofficial coordinator for an open group of Pembrokeshire artists who meet 4 times a year in each other`s studios for a social event. The first of these meetings was in March at Andrea Kelland`s studio, it was really nice to meet some old friends and new people and have a chance to catch up on exhibition and other news, and to see Andrea`s studio. I am so busy focussing on my painting and on organising the gallery that it`s the first time I`ve really felt a sense of  community with other artists in Pembrokeshire.

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