Art in the woods

Really enjoyed an art event at Drefelin, Carmarthenshire curated by Jason Pinder and Simon Whitehead, “Rhôd” is artwork installed in a woodland valley and an old mill and includes sound pieces, wood and willow sculptures and a giant four poster bed among the trees, the work is by a number of artists, including Teresa Wakeling, Ed Elliot, Ben Stammers, David Cushley, Christine Cooper, Graham Dunning, Anthony Shapland, Ceri Rhys Matthews, Julie Murphy  and Andrea Buckley.


3 thoughts on “Art in the woods

  1. Agreed wholeheartedy regarding this exhibition – amongst the creative work of all the artists a must see is the video installation set amongst the cogs of the mill … A fine place to sit, watch and contemplate the natural surroundings of this beautiful setting.

    1. btw – further to the blog opening statement – as well as the artists listed there, 3 others also should be acknowledged, they include Anthony Shapland for the video installation mentioned above and Ceri Rhys Matthews and Julie Murphy as part of Fernhill… Go see ;-))

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