Tregwynt Mill

Sometimes it is great to show folk around Pembrokeshire, renews your interest in places you overlook and don’t get time to visit often in your day to day life. Today it was Melin Tregwynt Woolen Mill near Fishguard. What a fantastic place, a working woolen mill producing gorgeous textiles in a traditional way with a contemporary twist.

This place is a feast for the eye, and a living part of the industrial heritage of Pembrokeshire. The woolen industry was once so crucial to the economy of rural Wales, at Melin Tregwynt they have transported the industry into the 21st century and, with an eye for design and careful marketing, have managed to continue to run a successful business which employs about 20 local people.

Watching the people and machines at work today in the machine room has started me thinking about how I might link this in to the historical research I am doing at the moment for my glass work…it is so physical and all about colour, and after all, ultimately woolen weaving is a transformation of landscape into art…


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