Glass, Lobsters and a Peregrine

Sketch of Lybster harbour

Sketch of Lybster harbour

I went to see the Touching the Past exhibition of glass at Northlands this morning.the exhibition features the work of 6 glass artists, Michael Bullen, Joanna Garrett, Denis Mann, Patricia Niemann, Karlyn Sutherland and Louise Tate.

I especially liked the work of Louise Tait, her work crosses over my areas of interest in memory,stories from the past and knitting.

Then I cycled down to the harbour where I spent the rest of the day painting and talking to the lobster fishermen.

I chanced upon the remains of a peregrine falcon on the beach! I have salvaged the head and feet and hope to do something with them on my masterclass. How fantastic to find such beautiful things here on the beach and then have a place I can take them to and work out what the hell to do with them! So, they are sketched, wrapped and currently stashed away in my friendly landlady’s freezer awaiting attention next week!

'Community Spirit' by Louise Tait

‘Community Spirit’ by Louise Tait

The Dagger Chandelier by Patricia Niemann

The Dagger Chandelier by Patricia Niemann

Sketch of Peregrine remains.

Sketch of Peregrine remains.

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