Getting down to some glass…

Today I began making some glass for the Conwy windows, preparing some flash glass (clear glass that is coated on one side with a thin layer of coloured glass) for sandblasting. I have also been researching medieval polyphony and music that would have been played in the castle at the time of Edward 1st. I have got totally absorbed with studying medieval manuscripts, and learning all I can about the scribes, instruments and music of the time (check out the work of Bragod if you are interested in hearing some Welsh medieval crwth music). Sadly I don’t have time to go into it in the depth it deserves, but I am intending to use some music manuscripts as fragments in the windows. I love the research aspect of this project almost as much as I love the making, but it was a relief today to begin cutting and working the glass and thinking in a hands-on way about the material in the stories we are telling here.


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