Cutting the cloth…

Setting out some glass on the cartoons we can get an idea of the size of the work and the scale we need to work to. We want the windows to have an instant impact but also to reward concentrated looking. It is great to have it all mapped out and to have some defined boundaries to work within.

Rachel went up to Conwy last weekend with the valiant Carwyn, her husband and a carpenter, and Alun Adams from The Architectural Glass Company in Swansea. They made wooden templates that fit exactly into the 13th century glazing groove so that we can make our panels to fit exactly into the eroded stone openings.
 Now I have to leave all this and clear out our studio to hang my New Yearpainting show ready to open on 27th December.

2 thoughts on “Cutting the cloth…

  1. Gosh you have been busy – really are making progress. It’s fascinating reading about your progress. Best wishes for your forthcoming exhibition. Hope it goes well.
    Have a wonderful Christmas. Love M xx

  2. Dear Ms Norris,

    Your work is absolutely fabulous. It is lovely to see the gorgeous effects you are creating and to hear the whatnots on your work. I came upon your site by accident as I was wandering the internet thingywhats but am very glad I did for it really is lovely.


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