Conwy progress

Painting is progressing well on the windows. We are working flat-out to meet our deadline for installation on March 8th. I am really enjoying experimenting with etching and sandblasting as well as painting pieces, the fragmentary nature of the piece gives lots of scope to be spontaneous within a structure.




All these pieces will be cut up and included as fragments. Meanwhile, the painting is fabulous to do, so different to my usual approach to using colour, thinking all the time about the light! I am learning a lot about traditional techniques from Rachel. Hardly any time to blog!!



4 thoughts on “Conwy progress

  1. What wonderful progress – it is looking really good. Can’t wait to see it in situ. It will be a lovely homecoming for me as will just retuned to the UK by then. A trip to Conwy is on the cards so will go and see the window for myself. Glad you are enjoying your “new” experiences in the art field.

  2. I am a member of St. Cystennin’s Church Llangstennin, near Mochdre Colwyn Bay. The medieval stained glass from the old church is stored in Llandudno museum and we recently had a private viewing of the five panels and I took photos, It was wonderful to hear that you are incorporating some of the George and dragon panel from St. Cystennin’s within your work! We were amazed at the detail on the panel. The pieces above look beautiful.

    1. Dear Lynne, it was lovely to get your comment and to know that you are pleased with our work. The Llangwstennin panels were the inspiration for this project, I think they are amazing and hope you will be able to get funding to have them restored.

  3. D’you know what Linda, even though I am doing this project, it’s so great to have a look at this blog and the facebook images because it’s fun to see a) what you’re up to on you’re side of things when we’re not working together…getting excited by the research or the painting or the result and b) it’s a really quick way to encourage myself that we’ve come a long way in a short space of time. It continues to get better and so THANKS for doing it. I hope it’s not the last time we work on something together coz I’ve found it very enjoyable and challenging( in a good way) so far!

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