Adam Buick’s pop-up gallery in St. Davids and Riitta Sinkkonen Davies at the Refectory

Just got back from a trip through the snow to St. Davids to see Adam Buick`s new work in a show that is open until 21st December. Fantastic pots from a recent firing – get down there to meet Adam, enjoy a glass of mulled wine and get your Xmas presents!! Makes me sick that everyone is heading for the new M&S in Haverfordwest and missing out on truly unique and beautiful work…mind you, there is no escalator, and we Pembrokeshire folk seem very excited about the first escalator to reach these parts!

Also in St. Davids is a fabulous exhibition of work by Finnish weaver and friend, Riitta Sinkkonen Davies in the Refectory of the Cathedral. Especially seasonal are the “white on white” pieces redolent of snow and ice.