Economy of Scale

My new conceptual piece will be installed in Tenby Museum this week.
Entitled “Economy of Scale”, the piece is inspired by the life of Robert Recorde, a mathematician who was born in Tenby in 1510. Recorde was the first mathematician to write mathematical treatises in English, he invented the “equals” sign, he was a medical doctor, he was Controller of the Bristol Mint under Queen Mary,  and died in debtors prison in London in 1558.
The piece is made from recycled wine bottles from Tenby, an antique apothecary balance, silk thread and silver beads. The exhibition opens on Friday 6th August and will run until September 5th.
Thanks to Tenby Museum for the inspiration and access to their collection, the British Museum for access to their coin collection, Platagenet Restaurant, Tenby, for the (empty) wine bottles, and Tina Norris for photographing the piece.