Skokholm Island Days…..

Finally made it to Skokholm Island early this morning. It is years since I was here and I am in seventh heaven! The red of the sandstone is amazing, I am collecting some to use in my glass work and paintings. So far I have set up my studio and orientated myself, spending a while with the seals in South Haven to chill out and adjust to being here.

The accommodation is newly renovated by volunteers last autumn and is absolutely lovely. The chemical toilets have been replaced by compost ones and the rooms have sinks (although water has to be brought up daily from the well!). Everything is spick and span.

I will update this blog with photos when I get home because this BlackBerry is pretty useless for pics.

Off to paint now….

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Seize the moment…

Another beautiful day and I couldn`t resist a woodland walk with my friend, jeweller Sara Lloyd-Morris from Blackpool Mill to Slebech. Looking at light, colour, textures, reflections, making mental notes and discussing our work, inspiration and pros and cons of blogging. We have to make the most of this weather to get out there and absorb!

Had coffee in the spring sunshine at Slebech overlooking the river – who could ask for more?!

Looked in at the fabulous weavings by our friend Riitta on the dining room walls.