Lybster at last!

Finally I have arrived in Lybster!

I left home on Monday and flew to Edinburgh for a few days with my sister, Tina , who is a photographer. We managed to take in a wonderful show of glass at the Museum of Scotland which showcases the contemporary glass collection of Alan Poole and Dan Klein. There are lots of fantastic pieces (I will put pictures up when I can download them from my camera), it is an amazing collection of contemporary British glass which was collected by the founders of Northlands and it got me in the mood for my trip North!

We also saw John Burne’s show at Open Eye Gallery, which is phenomenal and some of David Mach’s show which includes amazing gigantic figure sculptures of Christ made out of coat hangers. Tina has photographed John Burne and David Mach so it was lovely to see the work with her.

We also fitted in a visit to the wonderful Valvona and Crolla, Clarissa Dixon Wright was dining at another table and had the waitress quaking in her boots!

The train journey to Inverness today was great, the heather is astounding, forming a patchwork of purples all the way. I haven’t done that journey since about 1984! Not a lot has changed except Aviemore
seems to have an enormous police station!

So, now at last I am in Lybster! I borrowed a bike and cycled down to the harbour this evening – what a wonderful place, full of loads of inspiration – lobster pots and creels and nets….a wealth of texture and colour. I am busy with my sketch books and getting acquainted with the place.

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Shetland Trip

Just back from 2 weeks in Shetland. It was great to get away from the computer, gallery and office work and family commitments, and to get back to painting, catch up with a few old friends, and enjoy the FABULOUS weather!

While I was up there I went to a fantastic knitting symposium, In The Loop 2. Around 130 people came to it and there were speakers from across the world, including Shetland, Norway, America and New Zealand. It was very inspiring and good to spend time with a bunch of creative individuals, I made some new friends and got all sorts of crazy ideas for making glass pieces involving knitting!

Right now I am settling back into Pembrokeshire and looking forward to an autumn and winter of concentrating on painting, capitalising on the new impetus from Shetland to really go for it in the studio.