Christmas Crafts

I am enjoying a Christmas break – making Lego “collage” with my nephew on Christmas day, then today, inspired by a gift of some beautiful handspun wool from Shetland (thank you, Julia), I picked up the Shetland knitting pattern which I had abandoned months ago. It is a traditional Shetland cockleshell pattern and is fairly complicated to do – I have no idea how on earth women used to knit like this while hauling fish (rather than waiting for gallery visitors) – maybe that’s the benchmark of a true crafts person! It is lovely to get back to knitting, quite a contrast to glass – something I have in mind to explore more fully some day…

Shetland Trip

Just back from 2 weeks in Shetland. It was great to get away from the computer, gallery and office work and family commitments, and to get back to painting, catch up with a few old friends, and enjoy the FABULOUS weather!

While I was up there I went to a fantastic knitting symposium, In The Loop 2. Around 130 people came to it and there were speakers from across the world, including Shetland, Norway, America and New Zealand. It was very inspiring and good to spend time with a bunch of creative individuals, I made some new friends and got all sorts of crazy ideas for making glass pieces involving knitting!

Right now I am settling back into Pembrokeshire and looking forward to an autumn and winter of concentrating on painting, capitalising on the new impetus from Shetland to really go for it in the studio.