Japan Evening at Pembrokeshire College

A great evening to show solidarity with the people of Japan and fundraise for Japanese Red Cross at Pembrokeshire College last night. Apart from the delicious sushi, Debs Withey‘s Gyokaku fish printing demonstration and Mihoko Roach’s fine calligraphy were crowd pullers. The Japanese harp playing was extraordinary and the purpose of the event was brought powerfully home by the personal testimony of a local firefighter who went to help after the tsunami.

Japan Talking

I am talking to my friend, Kaori, in Japan. She is a glass artist who I met at a glass centre near Bath, and now she is back home in Japan and living through the nightmare of the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami and the radiation threat from the power station which is out of control.

The situation is grim. Ironically, perhaps, her work is about hope, so we talk about that, and she shows me what she is doing and we share our lives a bit. I decide to give proceeds of my mother`s day workshop to Japan relief, and think about how to support artists in Japan at this terrible time.

Thank goodness for Skype and all this technology, but it also gave us nuclear power stations…

A piece of Kaori`s work.