Glorious Xmas

After a raucous and nail-biting Monopoly marathon with friends (congratulations to Ruby and Elizabeth for an evil win!) to celebrate Den`s birthday on Xmas Eve, we had lovely peaceful Christmas day. We had some glorious Xmas walks, across the snow-covered fields to give our friend`s chickens their Xmas dinner, (the irony didn`t escape me) and then a wonderful, bitterly cold, night walk up to Cerrig Lladron complete with a shooting star!

We woke to a very pink sunrise on Boxing Day….

We went walking with friends on the beach at Whitesands and Porth Sele in a brisk wind, we could feel the change in the weather.

The rock formations never cease to amaze me…

It was fabulous to see ice on the sand, even though it was melting…change in all its various this morning the snow was all gone, the skies were overcast and we had the first rain for over a month. Not such a stunning spectacle, but better for encouraging visitors to brave the wilds of the Preselis to come to my New Year Show.


Snowy walk

I had a wonderful 4 hour walk on the mountain with Alfie today, thinking about painting and Riitta`s work and the wonders of white…
Grasses through the blanket of snow.
Now back to the studio to empty the kiln and bead up the decorations that were made in yesterdays workshop.
Xmas decorations made by people at yesterday`s workshop

Glass Xmas Decorations

Thanks for everyone who came on Saturday to make my glass decoration day a big success. Over 30 decorations were made by people aged 4 to 86, Richard, our log man, even made one when he came to deliver our logs! Special thanks to Rachel for all her help, and to Ruby and Amber for making the teas.

The day was so successful I am going to run another one on Saturday 18th! Just drop in any time between 10am and 5pm to make a decoration.