More Layers

I have been working at the glass these past weeks, adding more layers and doing lots of firings. These are the two pieces I showed in the last post after 6 more firings!

Spending time with glass I am reconnecting with what it was about glass that first got me interested 9 years ago – it`s about colour and layering and the fusion of layers. I think I have been side-tracked by the myriad possibilities of glass as a medium for casting/ blowing/ conceptualising/ making jewellery…all of which I`d love to explore if I had 9 lives! But, as far as I know, I don`t, so I need to focus on my original inspiration and get back to that. I have been using the discipline of the technique to help me learn to be patient and to build pieces up over time.

Here are some more pictures of work in various stages from the last 3 weeks:

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